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26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger

Builder: Louie Bailey 
Build26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger 
CompanyLucky 7 Custom Cycles 

There is no real story or tale to this bike, aside from the fact that we wanted to build another badass bagger that actually RIDES day in and day out. That gets on the road everyday and is eager TO GO, rather than sit in the showroom or the trailer. That is our goal: to ride them to work everyday and look good doing it!

This bike build took some time and imagination and a few failed attempts, but the finished product is gnarly!! Motor work by GMR Performance to 107 upgrade. Body kit design by Insane Asylum. All body work, paint, airbrushing, molding, building done in-house. The conversion to a Road Glide definitely beefed it up! Many hours were invested by our awesome team at Lucky 7 Custom Cycles. We wanted to feature our painter and airbrushing artists' talent, our builders ability and detail, our style and love for a good looking custom Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Click here for the full blog post and more photos. 

26" Harley-Davidson Big Wheel Bagger

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